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Durable Himalayan Dog Beds

June 28, 2022
Durable Himalayan Dog Beds

Your furry companions deserve comfortable beds. Dogs need beds because they need a
place to relax when they need time and privacy. Much like cats, dogs are also known to
be constantly napping. Dog beds must be crafted to last longer. Dogs will try to find a
cosy place to sleep and will often end up in the bed next to you, chewing up your
furniture, shoes, or snuggling around carpets. Dog beds that fit your pet’s sleeping needs
will help him relax at nap time. 
Entirely handmade by Himalayan artisans in a small town in Kirtipur, Nepal, using
100% New Zealand Wool & chemical-free dyes, we guarantee exceptional quality & low
carbon footprint from start to finish. Our dog beds are manufactured to last and to suit
dog behaviour. Your canine companion needs a comfy spot to snooze in a warm
environment. With this in mind, we have built the sturdiest bed with the best materials.
With the help of creative minds and the hands of experienced Himalayan artisans, we
craft handmade dog beds. Our products are durable enough to withstand pups that
enjoy chewing. These are also for dogs that want their domain. 

Handmade, using the felting process

If you haven’t already known about felting -it’s an incredibly painstaking process,
especially when it’s done without the help of machines. It is the process of turning
animal fibre, like wool, into a piece of fabric by connecting individual fibres. Himalayan
handmade felting is advantageous because it helps retain its original texture that allows
for elasticity, durability, and shape memory. The product also becomes an exceptional
insulator against cold, heat, sound, and vibration. Handmade felts make your dog beds
resistant to wear and tear. 

Takes days to make one

A dog bedsmust be made to serve a practical purpose above all.  It should be durable,
sturdy, and comfortable. Other than that, our dog beds made by meticulous Himalayan
artisans are works of art. These products go through various processes and are
handcrafted that usually takes days just to make a single product. Made with the finest
wool, this has all the features that provide an enjoyable experience to your pet and is
still absolutely cost-effective.

Individual felted balls 

We work hard at crafting perfectly rounded balls before moving on to attach those to
create comfy beds that your pet can enjoy. Individual felted balls are attached to create
our dog bed masterpieces. With the help of unique crafting ideas, we turn our felted
balls into comfortable, durable beds for your pets. These colourful beds also add to the
decor and beauty of your living space.

100% New Zealand wool

 We use New Zealand wool to build our products. They say that the quality of New
Zealand wool begins with healthy sheep. All New Zealand sheep eat a diet of fresh grass
and other plants. Wool is removed from sheep through shearing, which doesn’t harm

the animals. There are no chemical footprints on the wool we use. They are stain-
resistant and resist quick penetration of liquid water. They also improve air quality by
absorbing and binding many pollutants in the air. 

Buying less leads to a smaller carbon footprint. That is why it’s important to buy
the best product there is, and that’s exactly what we offer.

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