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Good Quality Dog Chew

July 12, 2022
Good Quality Dog Chew

How to differentiate good vs bad quality yaks?

Yak Dog Chews are popular among pet parents. Much like regular food, Yak Dog Chews
are equally popular when it comes finding a replacement for dog bones or dog treats.
Yak Chews also serve as distractions for unnecessary chewing and cater to address the
hunting instinct in dogs. Yak Chews eliminate the build-up of plaque and tartar and keep
the teeth and gums healthy. Since these Yak Dog Chews are rich in calcium and
phosphorous, these Chews are even beneficial to strength the bones of your dog. The
hardness of Yak dog chews can vary, because the market is afloat with genuine along
with sub-standard chews, so make sure you choose and buy the ideal chews for your
doggo. We suggest that your judgement and purchase be based on finding quality and


You cannot just give your pet any ordinary chew. The best way to judge the quality of a
Yak chew is to pay attention to is colour and odour. Yak Chews are supposed to be
odourless. Yak Dog Chews have always been sourced from the Himalayas, where they
are prepared without additives, chemicals or preservatives. These are also consumed by
people, and therefore, are handmade with a lot of care. Proper Himalayan Yak Chews
shouldn’t have any smell, but if there is bacterial growth, they tend to give out an odour. 


Many Yak chews that have permeated in the market do not have consistent, smooth
surfaces. Such inferior quality chews have irregular textures on the surface. Since these
inferior chews are manufactured and stored in jute sacks, the chews haven’t been
cleaned properly, and you will find small threads on the surface. Yak Chews are
complete, natural, and organic treats made with Himalayan cheese through processes
that have been used across the centuries by the Himalayan people. Handmade
Himalayan Yak chews are always properly cleaned and manufactured in a hygienic

Cracks and Splinters

Genuine Yak milk is difficult to find. Yaks are indigenous to the Himalayan region and
live and thrive in alpine conditions. Therefore, good quality Yak chews are prepared in
the Himalayas, where these consistent products are strong and will not have cracks. Yak
Chews of inferior quality will carry dark spots and splinter gradually, and can be
extremely harmful to your pets.

Uneven Shapes

Authentic Himalayan Yak Chews have consistent shapes. You will have to ascertain that
the size is even throughout and check the consistency of shape when you buy Yak
chews. Although uneven shaped Yak chews aren’t authentic Himalayan products, their
shape, size, texture, colour, and flavour should be thoroughly scrutinized before you
select the product. Genuine Himalayan Yak Chews are manufactured with great care and
time devoted to create consistent shapes. Uneven shapes mean that they haven’t been
processed well.


Checking for texture and color is imperative to determine the quality of Himalayan Yak
Chews. The market is filled with Chews that claim to be authentic or of good quality, but
one of the ways that you can actually differentiate between good and bad quality
products is by its colour. If a Yak chew has dark brown texture, you must know that it
has been over-smoked and isn’t ideal for your pup. A perfect amount of time and
process must be employed to create a good Yak chew. Processes that take shorter or
longer approach eventually ends up harming the product.

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