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5 Benefits of Cat Toys

August 21, 2021
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Any cat which is provided with food without any effort will want to keep itself occupied, either by clawing the furniture for your attention or by randomly playing with some stuff around the house. Your cat’s instinctive natural intelligence needs expression because their hunting instinct is essential to stimulate their mind and is also an excellent form of cat exercise. Regular and squeaky toys for Cats are designed to encourage play so that when they are kept or rolled past them, they attract their attention and encourage them to pounce and chase. It is an ideal way to make them ‘hunt’ for their food. Cats are usually solitary pets and need to remain occupied. 

1. Exercise

Benefits of Cat Toys

Cats spend a major portion of their life sleeping. But too much sleep increases the risk of obesity and diseases among cats. So if your cat attacks your legs, the furniture, or other items in the house, try to channelize this behavior onto their toys instead. To keep stimulated, increase activity levels, get cat toys, or some items that will put their playfulness at ease. Regular play sessions are important, and you must remember that anything that moves will appeal to cats, as it gives them a chance to brighten their hunting skills.

2. Reduces Boredom

Benefits of Cat Toys

Cats are curious and always seek some sort of adventure or the other. Without such, there is bound to be boredom and can seriously affect their mood, habits, and behavior. A variety of new toys can help them get attention and stimulation, alleviate their boredom or avoid lethargy. You can choose from a variety of Cat toys that offer something fun for your pet. With the right kind of toys, your pet will look forward to playing with them.

3. Relieves Stress

Benefits of Cat Toys

We are always ready to dismiss the idea that animals can have just as much stress and anxiety as humans do. But it happens, and stress and anxiety are just as bad for cats as they are for humans. Cats usually feel a change in emotions and have a hard time dealing with unaccustomed locations and situations. More often than not, a change in weather, location, and displacements of their comfort zones can add to stress among cats. Playing with toys can help distract cats help them find confidence in their new environment or situations.

4. Bonding

Benefits of Cat Toys

If you have more than one cat, toys will help them bond with each other. Stimulating your cat allows for more interaction which can also serve to strengthen the bonds and have all the positive effects resulting from that. Cats generally engage in playful scratching which can also be dangerous to them. To help diffuse this situation, you could swap around squeaky cat toys, make them smell each other’s toys, and foster cohabitation. This helps alleviate distrust, motivates familiarity, and assists in forming a cohabitating bond. 

5. Confidence

Benefits of Cat Toys

While some cats truly act royal and comfortable in their environments, some can be very nervous and timid. This is seen a lot among foster cats and they have a hard time socializing with other pets or humans. Letting shy cats in a room with their squeaky toys for maximum fun, under human supervision can bring out their natural, instinctive behavior and help them come out of their shells.

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