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About Us

Our Story

At Everest, we believe in supporting our local communities while delivering meaningful products to our customers. Born and raised in Nepal, with a family background in garments and textiles, I always dreamt of showcasing some of our best & unique collections to the western world while not forgetting the Himalayan artisans who put in a lot of effort in making them. Handmade using unique recipes with experts in traditional methodologies you can be assured of the quality of the products we have. None of the items we make in Nepal are mass produced and we always try to minimize our carbon footprint.

The median income in Nepal is really low (usually around £130/month) so we want to make sure our partners are getting paid fairly (at least 100% more than the median wage around their locality) so that their lives can change for the better. Most of our knitting and felting is done by women, who would be able to pursue a life of financial independence in a male dominant country where the voices of many women have gone unheard. With goals of having some social impact and helping the community around us, we want Everest to stand for everything you would want from a brand: fair pay, environmentally aware & meaningful products.

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