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Cashmere Sweaters for Dogs

June 8, 2022
The Need for Dog Sweaters

Cashmere Sweaters or pullovers for Dogs are perfect options as they come in various
sizes and designs, providing cosy comfortable wear for your furry friends. To some
breeds of dogs, the cold season is tolerable, but for others, coping with frigid
temperatures can become a challenge. It gets difficult for dogs to stay active and
comfortable in the winters if their furs do not protect them from the cold. To ensure that
your pet dog does not fall sick whenever you step out of your home, cashmere sweaters
will help keep him warm and insulated. 

Cashmere is made from the processing of the hair of Capra Hircus, a mountain goat, and
is a rare fabric found nowhere else except in Kashmir, Mongolia, China, and the high
altitudes of the Himalayas. Mongolian cashmere is considered the best. Due to
Mongolia’s extremely cold climate, the cashmere produced by the goats has the best
insulating properties. Cashmere is a soft, light, and hypoallergenic fibre. Cashmere
sweaters or pullovers are also great for Dogs who feel itchy wearing clothes. If other
fabrics are rough on them, cashmere has hypoallergenic properties and is very soft on
the skin.

Made by underprivileged Himalayan artisans

Our Cashmere sweaters and dog apparel, made out of 100% Mongolian cashmere wool,
are handmade in Kirtipur, a small town in Nepal. The manufacturing plant provides
economic freedom to the underprivileged skilled artisans in this rural region.
Participating in producing items for us provides countless families with an
employment option. Our goal is to improve the lives of the Himalayan artisan by
supporting the lower strata of society by generating jobs for financially challenged

Natural Dye

We employ innovative and eco-friendly practices by using Chemical free Swiss dyes
such as Sandoz and Ciba. The use of synthetic dyes has a detrimental effect on the
environment. Our natural dye process is an initiative to become environmentally
conscious while also manufacturing a safe product for your pets. Waste water from
textile plants is classified as the most polluting of all the industrial sectors and creates
severe pollution problems. Though most conventional clothing today gets its hue from
synthetic dyes, we only use natural dye that comes from natural sources; such as plants,
animals, fruits, and minerals.

100% Mongolian Cashmere Wool

We use 100% Mongolian Cashmere to make dog apparel, the finest cashmere available
presently. Mongolian cashmere is a luxury yarn that creates a fabric that’s remarkably
soft, smooth, and durable. Mongolian cashmere wool can be woven in different designs
while retaining its natural stretch. Even after many years, the fabric will not lose its

shape. It will always soft against your skin, and due to its smooth texture, the fabric has
extraordinary adaptability to its immediate environment.

Breathable, Warm Fabric

Cashmere is the warmest and the most breathable fabric. During wintertime, cashmere
will keep you warm and insulated. In the summer, wearing it will keep you pleasantly
cool. Many people are prejudiced against wool and think that it’s itchy. Cashmere, on the
contrary, is silky, soft, and smooth as the density of the fibres is very tight, creating a
smooth and soft texture. There isn’t a time of year when your cashmere won’t be
suitable enough to wear. With fine 6ply thickness, our cashmere sweaters are strong,
comfortable, and will never go out of fashion. 

Manufacturing Cashmere sweaters for dogs, from start to finish, is an intensely
laborious process, but it is worth all that work and your investment. Cashmere has
insulating properties that are higher than traditional wool. It is warmer than cotton but
bears similar breathability to cotton. It is stylish, soft, light, and smooth, which will keep
your pup warm on colder days. Our Cashmere sweaters for dogs are woven to last.
Cashmere is timeless, and its classic styles will rarely date.

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