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5 Star

Sanity saver with a teething puppy

My puppy absolutely loved this treat. He is currently teething and if something isn’t moving he will bite it, to be honest even if its moving he will try and chew on it (us). I gave him this instead and he would stop chewing what he wasn’t suppose to be chewing and sit nicely with his yak chew instead. There was no horrible smell to it either like some dog chews and treats.

– Bookworm
5 Star

Great Chew!

Great for keeping my dogs quiet for a while. Medium just right size for my cocker and Frenchie don’t let them have it all the time just once a day as a treat and to give me some quiet time. Think it will last a few weeks. Will buy another two when these have gone. Would recommend.

– Cath
5 Star

Would recommend

My dog does enjoy these . But only if I heat them up slowly in my microwave first. By doing this the chew expands nicely and allows my dog to be able to crunch and chew on them very easily. Without doing that though she would never be able to eat and enjoy them.One person found this helpful

– Rebecca
5 Star

Excellent non staining and lasting dog treat.

Bought for my pups second birthday he normally devours treats and food in seconds he has had this 5 days now he enjoys say 5 minutes licking and chewing at a time still half left and doesn’t mark carpet and rugs or have a strong smell I did think it was expensive but not when it’s still going strong and a £2.00 chew is gone in a minute or 2 would buy again.

– Mrs. S. E. Mardle
5 Star


This thing is bloody fantastic! I was very sceptical when I placed the order but our rescue pup goes mad for his Yak cheese. He is quite hyper, a Bichon Frise-Poodle mix so needs a lot of stimulation and play. Louis is also quite mouthy and likes to chew on well, pretty much everything so having this is a God send! He chews on it every single day, and we have just re-ordered and will be ordering again.

– Kaya & Marc
5 Star

Keeps her busy and is healthy

My 10month TT loves to chew and she is good at it ! This lasted her a couple of days
It’s a bit messy just tiny bits not a problem which my other dogs eats it smells like smoked cheese
And I know it’s doing her teeth good keeping her busy and is healthy
Will certainly buy again

– Jackie
5 Star

Great boredom buster

My dog loves these and its gone in a day or 2 half the price of pets at home who charge £6 for a very small yak bar . I have ordered at least 4 of these with 2 on the way .
A great healthy treat and good for teeth and gums

– Alaine g
5 Star

Medium Yak stick after a week of chewing (21 week old puppy)

This Yak stick arrived a week ago for my 21 week old miniature cockapoo, so the pictures attached are after 1 week of use. I’m pleasantly surprised about how well it’s lasted my teething pup, and its stopped him from destroying my furniture! All other Yak’s I’ve tried from different companies haven’t lasted even half as long as this one as they seem to crumble. This item also arrived 2 days early. Very happy!

– Laura
5 Star

Keeps the puppy busy for a while 😉

Our Miniature schnauzer now 15 weeks old loves this. So far she’s been on the first 1 nearly 2 weeks and hardly made a dent, something which would be nice to know from other reviews and is often missed is the breed and age of dog because obviously some dogs chew through anything very quickly and from a young age…with our Lotti she manages to shave off tiny pieces and enjoys the challenge – would recommend over antler for pup miniature schnauzer 😁

– D. Gough
5 Star


These are absolutely great! I get these for my miniature Dachshund as he loves his food but eats his food/treats so quickly it’s nice to finally be able to find something that lasts hours/days depending on how long I let him have it for! Also great that it’s natural, no raw hide and doesn’t smell! Perfect!

– Olivia
5 Star

An absolute hit with my dog

 My dog absolutely loves it and it keeps her occupied for a good 30 mins at a time. While I cant really comment on flavour, my dog seems to love it so i gave it 5 stars! I gave it 5 stars for scent as I cant smell it at all, which in my opinion is a real bonus! The dog obviously can so its all good. She has spent longer gnawing at this than her antler I’d definitely buy again as a special treat. I cant comment on the microwave ending as we haven’t got to the end yet!

– Mand
5 Star

Great non-smelling dog chew

I like these dog chews for two reasons…no rancid scent and it is all natural, no rubbish or bleached animal hide. The product is like a really compact yoghurt / cheese bar for dogs. No scent and doesn’t splinter, just bits come off the more your dog chews n makes it warmer.

When it gets a bit small and like a choking hazard, simply put chew in microwave for 1 min and it turns into a fluffy puff ball for you dog to crush up.

This is a Large one which is ideal for Medium breeds, our Springer loved it, but for Large breeds go XL.
Well recommended if you want a chew that’s full of all good stuff and lasts for about 4 hours. No stinky breath after, winner winner.

– Bubs & Puds
5 Star

Dog loved it

My Labrador who is not food orientated and can be particular about what he’ll eat was very interested as soon as offered this.

He spent the next 10 mins playing with it before he settled down to munch and munch and munch. Giving me the looks that said “I like this mum” ears perked and munching on!
Minor smell as you take it out the packet but only if you take a sniff
Obviously I didn’t try it but he likes cheese and loved this.
Definately lasted longer than normal chews–remarkable for destructa-dog although I did get him the large size
Pricey but he likes it so will add this to his treat list for time to time

I also bought the medium for his Vizsla pal 30 minutes for him to enjoy and keep him quiet–his mum was very happy with that!!

The medium one was a bit big for our terrier friend so I had to hacksaw it in half for him–he’s still at it 3 days later and hides in in his bed when not chewing on it. Will last for ages at this rate

– Karen
5 Star

Longest lasting yak chew

This is by far the best brand of yak chew I’ve bought. I’ve tried other brands, including Yakers, but the Everest ones lasted much longer.

So far, each Everest chew has lasted a few weeks (compared to a couple of hours for the other brands). My dog is a very strong chewer, so I’m impressed they last so long. It’s also good that he can’t eat too much in one go.

The ‘Big Dogs’ size is perfect for my young Wirehaired Vizsla and he really loves them! So far, no tummy upsets from these either.

I’m going to stick to Everest yak chews now I’ve seen how much softer some of the others can be.

– Amazon Customer
5 Star

No Mouldy Chews

I wanted to update my review as I have had three packs of chews since the mouldy ones. I think it must have been a temporary glitch. My toy poodle loves these. I get the small ones and she chews on them for ages so they work well at keeping her occupied. When she’s had enough I take them away and give them again on another occasion. When they get too small, I do have to microwave them for about a minute and a half or two minutes in order to get them to puff up though but then she loves them all over again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

– Marble
5 Star


Mon bouledogue français de 6 mois adore, il le prend, le laisse, y revient, et on voit le résultat après quatre jours de mâchouillage intensif. S’il le finit avant d’avoir toutes ses dents définitives je compte bien acheter un autre, toujours taille M.

– Coro
5 Star

Große Liebe

Meiner 8-jährigen 8-Kilo Jack Russell Hündin fehlt sowohl beim Fressen als auch beim Snacken jeglicher Genuss, getreu dem Motto “Je schneller, umso besser”. Kaustangen oder Kausnacks waren in Windeseile verschlungen. Dies war für beide Seiten recht unbefriedigend. Durch Zufall (oder Schicksal) stieß ich auf Kaustangen aus Yak Milch. Ich informierte mich vor dem Kauf noch ausführlich über dieses Produkt, um sicherzugehen, dasss es zu 100% geeignet, gesund und fördernd ist. Meine Hündin war vom ersten Biss an unendlich verliebt in die Yak Kaustangen. Das Problem mit dem Schlingen löste sich mit diesen von selbst: Sie kaut an einer kleinen (geschätzt 7 cm lang) Stange etwa 2 Wochen, was sie in Geduld und Ehrgeiz übt, mit dem Bonus, dass es auch noch richtig lecker schmeckt. Unbedachter Nebeneffekt: Ihr Zahnstein konnte großflächig durch das Längere Kauen beseitigt werden, was wirklich erfreulich ist.

– Unbekannt
5 Star

Brilliant chew

 Brilliant chew. Brilliant birthday present for Bella the dog! She loves it! Doesn’t smell like a lot of dog chews do, she hasn’t put it down since we gave it to her and it looks like it should last a little while! Brilliant. Will definitely buy again! We got medium sized which came as one chew in a packet

Update… Once she chewed it down to a smallish bit I did as per the instructions and popped it in the microwave… It turned into a big crispy cheese puff! She loved it!!!

– Samsam
5 Star


I was really sceptical about paying so much for a dog chew. But these are amazing! I have 3 4 month old puppies and 2 older dogs (all toy breeds) and have never dared to give them actual bones just in case they splintered. But I thought I would try these just to stop the puppies chewing everything in sight. It helps that my dogs are all cheese lovers!
They absolutely love these.
They keep them chewing and occupied for hours. And, rather than splinter, they just crumble. I can’t smell them either.
They last ages too.
I have 5 very happy dogs and these are well worth the money. Probably the best thing I have ever brought for them in treats.

– E-L
5 Star

Love love love these

Love love love these, my 2 very big girls ( Mastiffs) love these, they still have them and I have had them for about a week now, Put a small piece that book off into the Microwave just to see if it did puff up and yep, sure did. I will be buying more of these for my daughters pup and my babies xmas stockings, well worth the money

– Nicky

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