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Dog loved it

My Labrador who is not food orientated and can be particular about what he’ll eat was very interested as soon as offered this.

He spent the next 10 mins playing with it before he settled down to munch and munch and munch. Giving me the looks that said “I like this mum” ears perked and munching on!
Minor smell as you take it out the packet but only if you take a sniff
Obviously I didn’t try it but he likes cheese and loved this.
Definately lasted longer than normal chews–remarkable for destructa-dog although I did get him the large size
Pricey but he likes it so will add this to his treat list for time to time

I also bought the medium for his Vizsla pal 30 minutes for him to enjoy and keep him quiet–his mum was very happy with that!!

The medium one was a bit big for our terrier friend so I had to hacksaw it in half for him–he’s still at it 3 days later and hides in in his bed when not chewing on it. Will last for ages at this rate

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