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Bubs & Puds

Great non-smelling dog chew

I like these dog chews for two reasons…no rancid scent and it is all natural, no rubbish or bleached animal hide. The product is like a really compact yoghurt / cheese bar for dogs. No scent and doesn’t splinter, just bits come off the more your dog chews n makes it warmer.

When it gets a bit small and like a choking hazard, simply put chew in microwave for 1 min and it turns into a fluffy puff ball for you dog to crush up.

This is a Large one which is ideal for Medium breeds, our Springer loved it, but for Large breeds go XL.
Well recommended if you want a chew that’s full of all good stuff and lasts for about 4 hours. No stinky breath after, winner winner.

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