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Everest Dog Chew® – Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Medium Dogs – 80gm

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Medium Dogs Yak Chew! Yak Milk Dog Chews – Medium Pack! For doggos under 15kgs!
  • Medium Breeds

    Recommended Breeds: Bull Dog, Rottweiler, Collie, Poodle, Basset Hound, Jack Russell Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cocker Spaniel.

  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
    100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
  • Gluten and Grain Free
    Gluten and Grain Free
  • Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
    Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting

1 Piece in total! (70-80 grams)
  • Delivery

    We aim to deliver your order to you within 3-5 business days.
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Medium Dogs Yak Chew! Yak Milk Dog Chews – Medium Pack! For doggos under 15kgs!
  • Medium Breeds

    Recommended Breeds: Bull Dog, Rottweiler, Collie, Poodle, Basset Hound, Jack Russell Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cocker Spaniel.

  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
    100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
  • Gluten and Grain Free
    Gluten and Grain Free
  • Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
    Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting

1 Piece in total! (70-80 grams)
  • Delivery

    We aim to deliver your order to you within 3-5 business days.
    Please check our shipping and returns policies here.

Everest Dog Chew® - Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Medium Dogs - 80gmEverest Dog Chew® - Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Medium Dogs - 80gm

And they love Everest Dog Chews…


Why Everest Dog Chews?

Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein
min 52.6%

Crude fat
min 0.9%

max 10.2%

max 6.0%

Local Ingredients

Local Ingredients

Handmade by the Himalayan farmers, our products are only made by using traditional methods and ingredients.

Yak and cow milk.
Salt and Lime.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We take it upon ourselves to educate the local farmers and upgrade the manufacturing process, prioritizing hygiene, sanitation, and quality.

Supporting Local Farmers

Supporting Local Farmers

By supporting local farmers, we ensure that it is making a difference in their lives.

Puff 3
Everest Dog Chew® - Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Medium Dogs - 80gm

What to do with the end pieces?

The end bit can be placed in the microwave for 35-45 seconds until it puffs. Give it a chance to cool for at least 3 minutes before you give what is now a puff back to your dog. Chew, puff, and repeat!


  • Are all yak chews the same?

    Definitely not. There are some very low-quality yak chews present in the market that could be harmful to your dog’s health. We always tell our buyers to buy from us and check our quality vs our competitors.

    Moreover, there are EU-made chews that are commercially mass-produced in EU milk factories These are not yak chews since they are made in the EU (there are no yaks in Europe) and also do not support the Himalayan farmers.

  • How is the product made?

    Everest Dog Chew contains a mixture of yak and cow milk. Once the mixture is boiled, the prevalent fat is separated by adding lime juice. The excess fat is then discarded. After a few hours of boiling the milk, it starts to thicken and forms a white cheese. Stirring the boiling milk gently and continuously is key to making this cheese. The cheese is poured into a clean cloth to drain out the excess water. Once the block of cheese is ready, it is cut into small pieces and dried. When the product is ready, it can be stored for a number of years. No preservative or artificial flavors are added to the whole process of making the product.

  • What are the ingredient on this product?

    Our chews are made with a mixture of yak and cow milk and lime juice. However, since it is hard to source yaks’ milk in mass, they contain mostly Himalayan cow milk.

  • What size do I give to my doggo?

    Depending on the size and eating habits of the doggo, we recommend the following option: Small Dog Treat: For doggos up to 7kgs, Medium Dog Treat: For doggos up to 15kgs, Large Dogs Treat: For doggos up to 30 kgs and Big Dog Treat for doggos upto 45 kgs & above.

  • How long do the treats last?

    The amount of time is takes for a dog to devour the treat depends on several factors such as the size of the pet and chewing habits. The hard texture of the cheese makes it a long lasting dog treat, keeping your pet occupied for hours, even days!

  • How long can I store Everest Dog Chew?

    The shelf life of the chew is usually three years for any unopened Everest Dog Chew, in its original packaging, stored at room temperature. If you would like to save any open unfinished pieces for later consumption, please pat dry and store them away from moisture. After prolonged contact with moisture, if you notice any changes in the color such as patches of grey or green, it might be a result of mold. Please discard the treat immediately and start a fresh pack.

  • Are doggos lactose intolerance?

    Even though dairy products are generally safe for most doggos, some may be lactose intolerant. Signs of lactose intolerance are acute intestinal distress such as gas, diarrhea. In case your pet is exhibiting these symptoms after consuming dairy products, we strongly advised you to seek medical attention and going forward avoid all dairy products including Everest Dog Chews.

  • Will the treat damage my doggos teeth?

    Since the chew is a form of hard cheese, please consider your doggos’ oral health before making a purchase. However, the treats do get softer once the hard outer shell has been chewed on for a little while.

  • Are Everest Dog Chew suitable for all dog ages?

    We recommend you start giving our chews when doggos reach 6 months of age. It may cause indigestion for smaller puppies.

  • Are Everest Dog Chews Softer than other brands?

    We have less fat & are less smoked compared to other brands which make the chews more easily digestible. Let’s not forget the chew gets into the doggos stomach so we don’t want it to be too hard and rough 🙂

    That being said, we definitely think we lie on the longer-lasting spectrum (EU-made chews are softer in comparison and are machine-made) as well as being healthy!

60 reviews for Everest Dog Chew® – Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Medium Dogs – 80gm

  1. Miss R.

    I have a Staffie and an American Bulldog. The Ambull wasn’t too interested but did have a go and considering he destroys most things, the chew held up. The Staffie loves it and was chewing constantly for over an hour at a time, she is a destroyer aswell and we still have half the chew left a week later, which believe me is amazing. Will be ordering again. The reason for not giving 5 stars is due to the price but I guess this is due to the lack of Yaks in the UK!

  2. GG

    I was looking for an alternative to raw hide chews, which my dog loves, however I’m aware they aren’t very safe and can have lots of artificial rubbish in them. This is great, my dog loves it and has been chewing at it for hours. I think it’ll last at least a month or so! My only critical comment would be whether they could package these in something more environmentally friendly instead a plastic bag thing.


    Both of our dogs love these Yak Chews and it is the one thing that will keep them totally absorbed for a long time. For me it is the ultimate chew for them and I think that if they could speak they would certainly agree.

  4. Matt

    I have two smallish dogs, 8 kg each, and these last ages! They love them a lot and will last weeks with on and off use. I usually have to throw them away or microwave them when they are no longer interested in the old ones, that’s how long they last! Much, much healthier than rawhide which they would devour in minutes.

  5. Bethan Thomas

    My dog absolutely loved this
    It’s the quietest I have ever seen him. Decent size and from the way my boy was munching it very tasty!
    I just hope it last more than a few days haha!!

    Will definitely buy from again x Thank you xx

  6. R. Clegg

    Bought for Christmas Day. My dog started chewing straight away and kept going till half gone loved it. Since then he has touched a few times but not much. However he is a very occasional chewer so I think was a success in the main

  7. S. Herbert

    I cannot give these to my labrador cross because she chomps her way through them too quickly and they cost a lot, but for my 5 month old sheepdog puppy, they are absolutely perfect. He can gnaw on one of these over a period of days and days. Perfect for when you need to get on with something or just have a sit down for an hour. Then I swap it for a toy or treat and put it away for the next day. Excellent value and no mess.

  8. Gillian Hunt

    §Our dog is very fussy when it comes to chews and initially she turned her nose up at this one – so I put some water on it and tried again . . . Success she loved it . . .

  9. loz

    I read these chews are supposed to last dogs for days…
    Well, maybe they need to put their teeth in.
    I have a 12-year-old Westie who destroyed one of these medium chews in a little over half an hour.
    BTW this is not a complaint – he loved it. I’m buying more… yum!

  10. Laura Harper

    Dogs loooves these, either as they come or puffed up in the microwave. Puffed up they last ten mins, but as they are it takes a good days worth of attention to finish. Great that they are all natural and safe for my pup too

  11. Ruth Bell

    Kept my dog entertained for weeks (8 month old chihuahua with strong teeth!), will get her another when this one finally goes. Not had chance to put last section in microwave yet so can’t comment on that part.

  12. KSG

    I’d bought a couple of yak chews locally for our two mutts, used daily they managed to last nearly a month. These chews bought on Amazon appeared identical at first, but quickly revealed the composition to be far softer in comparison. Half gone in less than one hour this product simply wasn’t up to the job. Instead of being a lasting chew it was instead a high calorie snack. I won’t buy these again.

  13. Mason Osborne

    My dog likes the chew. It lasts about a week. The scent was a bit pungent for my liking, but the dog didnt complain.

  14. globbitts

    My dog goes mad for it. Would only buy as occasional treat. As it has gone in one day. So its a bit expensive to buy all the time.

  15. Anouk S.

    We – well my dog loves these chews. They don’t disappear too quickly and when it’s nearly all chewed we put the last bit in the microwave for 1 minuet and it puffs into a different chew – these are cheaper than we can get them at our local pet shop so a bargain too.

  16. Natalie Scott

    I love these and I used to buy them from my local pet shop but they were getting smaller and smaller every time I bought them. Ordered these and they are brilliant, nice and hygienically wrapped, good size and my dogs love em, will be definitely buying again.

  17. Kindle CustomerJackie W.

    Our puppy Bandit really loves them. They last for ages. The first time he had one was from our breeder. He’s had them ever since.

  18. Julie

    This is really worth buying, at the moment she destroyed everything I have given her. This has lasted well, there is still half of it left after 20 Days so I’m impressed. Photo of what is left of the chew.

  19. Emily A.

    My dog is very fussy but because of the good reviews I decided to give the yak a try! It has lasted pretty well and she seems to enjoy it, it also doesn’t go all slimmy on the carpet, I would purchase one again for her.

  20. Rach G

    Bought this for our little hound and he absolutely loves it. It lasts pretty well too. Doesn’t smell bad either which is always a big plus.

  21. Letna Turner

    My dog is a small terrier but I buy the medium Yak chew for her. She gets through this in under 24 hours and absolutely loves it. No waste because when it gets too small for her to chew safely just pop in the microwave for a minute and she has a fab crunchy treat. They are a little bit more expensive than a normal dog treat but so worth it for the sheer glee on their faces when presented with this

  22. Diane Noake

    I’ve given 5 stars for scent because I couldn’t pick up a strong smell my dog certainly did. He loved them and they lasted a good time.

  23. Mum2twelve

    Our Labrador puppy didn’t take long to get through this, she loved it.

  24. philippa mills

    I have a large bully breed (X) he virtually finished it in a day – loved it – no nasty smell or mess – excellent.
    shall buy again – do they do “bigger” ones ?

  25. Lady Monica

    Dog loved it. It lasted a long time.

  26. Cath Romney

    Great for keeping my dogs quiet for a while. Medium just right size for my cocker and Frenchie don’t let them have it all the time just once a day as a treat and to give me some quiet time. Think it will last a few weeks. Will buy another two when these have gone. Would recommend.

  27. Jackie Hunt

    My 10month TT loves to chew and she is good at it ! This lasted her a couple of days
    It’s a bit messy just tiny bits not a problem which my other dogs eats it smells like smoked cheese
    And I know it’s doing her teeth good keeping her busy and is healthy
    Will certainly buy again

  28. jg1910

    After reading the reviews and seeing positive feedback I thought I’d try it as a treat for my now 1 year old whippet who loves nothing more than sitting with a chew. I have to say I am quite disappointed with it as it lasted 2 days which for me is quite an expensive treat to last hardly any time!

  29. Mr. N. P. Miller

    Our dog enjoys this chew, which is hard enough to exercise her jaws without being eaten in one go.

  30. R. Grant

    My 10 month old Border Collie puppy loved this but I expected it to last longer than 45mins! So yummy but no match for those tough gnashers!

  31. kay

    My dog loves it

  32. charlies mum

    Can’t add flavour as I’ve not tasted it . My dog loves it but a week on and he’s only got 1/3rd of it left! So not as long lasting as advertised. Maybe it’s my dogs attention to it ? Would buy again

  33. Caroline Lammond

    My dog loved this, kept her busy and occupied for a long time, could be a bit bigger though.

  34. mrsmichaelfassbender

    All good. My dog needs to stay away from grain, wheat , meat & yeast. She really misses the days of hyde chews…so these were a real find. She loved it. Already ordered another.

  35. Kaya n Marc

    This thing is bloody fantastic! I was very sceptical when I placed the order but our rescue pup goes mad for his Yak cheese.

    He is quite hyper, a Bichon Frise-Poodle mix so needs a lot of stimulation and play.
    Louis is also quite mouthy and likes to chew on well, pretty much everything so having this is a God send! He chews on it every single day, and we have just re-ordered and will be ordering again.

  36. henry606064

    Dog really liked these but she has since developed pancreatitis we can’t risk giving to her. Real shame.
    Lasted a long time and kept her happy.

  37. Catherine Scott

    My dog loves these chews, they keep her quiet & are also good for cleaning her teeth. Only downside is that she likes them so much they don’t last long!

  38. moley62

    Initially a speculative purchase but he absolutely loves it hence my second purchase. When you get down to the end 45 seconds in the microwave gives you a cheesy puff to be chewed and eaten. I shall buy again

  39. Mrs. Shelley Pizzey

    Dogs love these. I however put them in microwave to make into popcorn rather than let mine chew it as is, following dental work needed on one of our dogs.

  40. bookworm

    My puppy absolutely loved this treat. He is currently teething and if something isn’t moving he will bite it, to be honest even if its moving he will try and chew on it (us). I gave him this instead and he would stop chewing what he wasn’t suppose to be chewing and sit nicely with his yak chew instead. There was no horrible smell to it either like some dog chews and treats.

  41. Olivia

    These are absolutely great! I get these for my miniature Dachshund as he loves his food but eats his food/treats so quickly it’s nice to finally be able to find something that lasts hours/days depending on how long I let him have it for! Also great that it’s natural, no raw hide and doesn’t smell! Perfect!

  42. Rett

    My dog loves this chew. Not stopped chewing it since he got it.

  43. Laura

    This Yak stick arrived a week ago for my 21 week old miniature cockapoo, so the pictures attached are after 1 week of use.
    I’m pleasantly surprised about how well it’s lasted my teething pup, and its stopped him from destroying my furniture! All other Yak’s I’ve tried from different companies haven’t lasted even half as long as this one as they seem to crumble.
    This item also arrived 2 days early. Very happy!

  44. Souvenir Rose

    My puppy wnjoyed this for about 1 month! She did ignore it at first so I actually microwaved it even though it was one huge piece. This caused it to fluff up and made it easier for her to bite into, then she went wild for it! Definitely good id your dog likes to chew.

  45. Gill Coleman

    Dog likes them and they are long lasting so worth the money.

  46. DI

    My 12 week Labrador pup enjoyed it. Took a couple of days to demolish so I think it will be faster in time. Bit expensive to keep buying. But a treat now and again and our dogs are worth it. Safe and no smell or stain

  47. Vickie H.

    Great for my dogs, they spent ages on it and loved it. Apparently once it gets small enough to be a choking hazard you can microwave it and it will go crispy. Haven’t done that yet but I thought that was a good tip!

  48. Mrs J Myson

    Fantastic, only treat I’ve found that lasts longer than 5 seconds for my greedy pup, once near the end you can puff it up in microwave so it can be eaten safely, my dogs love it

  49. Jade Barber

    I bought the medium for both my 1 year old Staffy and my bull hound. They are now non existent 5 hours later! To say they loved these would be an understatement. Kept them busy for hours.
    – Love the tip of putting the last bit in the microwave so they can chomp it all up safely and the smell definitely is stronger. Didn’t last as long as I’d hoped but super happy dogs so would get again for the odd occasion

  50. Mand

    My dog absolutely loves it and it keeps her occupied for a good 30 mins at a time. While I cant really comment on flavour, my dog seems to love it so i gave it 5 stars! I gave it 5 stars for scent as I cant smell it at all, which in my opinion is a real bonus! The dog obviously can so its all good.
    She has spent longer gnawing at this than her antler
    I’d definitely buy again as a special treat.
    I cant comment on the microwave ending as we haven’t got to the end yet!

  51. Karina

    My dog loves these, they last so long. Once it gets small we put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds and it expands like honey comb.

  52. rachael childs

    The dog lucks and nibbles on the chew and it lasts weeks. Great for keeping the dog entertained. They are expensive but worth it

  53. KG

    Well, after mistakenly buying treat dog chews which got demolished with frightening speed I thought I’d try this! Unwrapped it, Stan has not left it alone since! Ordering another instantly. Winner winner.

  54. suzy wowzer

    Long lasting chew, it’s done exactly what I needed for whilst my pup is teething. perfect!


    Safe dog chew as made with Yak milk. Keeps my dog occupied for ages he love it.

  56. david

    Viszla demolished it

  57. Louise Verified Owner

    There seems to be mixed comments about letting dogs continuously chew on things like yak chews, but as a owner of an aggressive chewer these are a life saver.
    I do worry about his teeth but seems to like licking the chew before trying to crack a bit off. He’s had two of these now and I’ve not had any problems, it keeps him happy and is a good alternative to chewing on something he shouldn’t be!
    When it was getting too small for him to hold, soaking it and putting it in the microwave to make a puff was great and he loved it!

    It smelt really strong at first but either we got used to it or it lost it’s scent. Can’t comment on the flavour but the pup seems to like it!

  58. J Cooper

    My 10 month old cocker is obsessed with it! Doesnt stink either but his butt does… makes him a bit windy lol! But worth it to keep him occupied and happy. Hes been on it for aaaaages and still a bit left. Will be getting more.

  59. Ellie_Essss

    My 4 month old puppy has a sensitive stomach, so it’s always tricky introducing new chews. She’s also teething and hasn’t learnt to entertain herself yet, so I really wanted to get her something solid and long lasting that she loves.
    This chew has been great so far. She’s very keen on it, it keeps her entertained for at least half an hour at a time (I take it away from her after a bit). We’ve had it for a few days now and she’s only part way through, so it’s lasting a long time. Only very small bits have flaked off, so it seems like there’s a low risk of choking (compared to how she guzzles her other chews). She also hasn’t had an upset stomach. Does the job!

  60. Mrs. R. Landreth

    My dog really liked this – probably gave him circa 3 hours chewing over two days. Only problem is is the price so will not be buying too frequently.

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