Everest Dog Chew® – Yak Chew for Small Dogs (3 Pieces) – 100gm

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Small Dogs Yak Chew! Yak Milk Dog Chew for doggos under 7kgs!
  • Small Breeds

    Recommended Breeds: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, The Papillon, Pug, The Yorkshire Terrier.

  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
    100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
  • Gluten and Grain Free
    Gluten and Grain Free
  • Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
    Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting

3 Pieces in total!
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Small Dogs Yak Chew! Yak Milk Dog Chew for doggos under 7kgs!
  • Small Breeds

    Recommended Breeds: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, The Papillon, Pug, The Yorkshire Terrier.

  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
    100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
  • Gluten and Grain Free
    Gluten and Grain Free
  • Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
    Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting

3 Pieces in total!
  • Delivery

    We aim to deliver your order to you within 3-5 business days.
    Please check our shipping and returns policies here.

And they love Everest Dog Chews…


Why Everest Dog Chews?

Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein
min 52.6%

Crude fat
min 0.9%

max 10.2%

max 6.0%

Local Ingredients

Local Ingredients

Handmade by the Himalayan farmers, our products are only made by using traditional methods and ingredients.

Yak and cow milk.
Salt and Lime.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We take it upon ourselves to educate the local farmers and upgrade the manufacturing process, prioritizing hygiene, sanitation, and quality.

Supporting Local Farmers

Supporting Local Farmers

By supporting local farmers, we ensure that it is making a difference in their lives.

Puff 3

What to do with the end pieces?

The end bit can be placed in the microwave for 35-45 seconds until it puffs. Give it a chance to cool for at least 3 minutes before you give what is now a puff back to your dog. Chew, puff, and repeat!


  • Are all yak chews the same?

    Definitely not. There are some very low-quality yak chews present in the market that could be harmful to your dog’s health. We always tell our buyers to buy from us and check our quality vs our competitors.

    Moreover, there are EU-made chews that are commercially mass-produced in EU milk factories These are not yak chews since they are made in the EU (there are no yaks in Europe) and also do not support the Himalayan farmers.

  • How is the product made?

    Everest Dog Chew contains a mixture of yak and cow milk. Once the mixture is boiled, the prevalent fat is separated by adding lime juice. The excess fat is then discarded. After a few hours of boiling the milk, it starts to thicken and forms a white cheese. Stirring the boiling milk gently and continuously is key to making this cheese. The cheese is poured into a clean cloth to drain out the excess water. Once the block of cheese is ready, it is cut into small pieces and dried. When the product is ready, it can be stored for a number of years. No preservative or artificial flavors are added to the whole process of making the product.

  • What are the ingredient on this product?

    Our chews are made with a mixture of yak and cow milk and lime juice. However, since it is hard to source yaks’ milk in mass, they contain mostly Himalayan cow milk.

  • What size do I give to my doggo?

    Depending on the size and eating habits of the doggo, we recommend the following option: Small Dog Treat: For doggos up to 7kgs, Medium Dog Treat: For doggos up to 15kgs, Large Dogs Treat: For doggos up to 30 kgs and Big Dog Treat for doggos upto 45 kgs & above.

  • How long do the treats last?

    The amount of time is takes for a dog to devour the treat depends on several factors such as the size of the pet and chewing habits. The hard texture of the cheese makes it a long lasting dog treat, keeping your pet occupied for hours, even days!

  • How long can I store Everest Dog Chew?

    The shelf life of the chew is usually three years for any unopened Everest Dog Chew, in its original packaging, stored at room temperature. If you would like to save any open unfinished pieces for later consumption, please pat dry and store them away from moisture. After prolonged contact with moisture, if you notice any changes in the color such as patches of grey or green, it might be a result of mold. Please discard the treat immediately and start a fresh pack.

  • Are doggos lactose intolerance?

    Even though dairy products are generally safe for most doggos, some may be lactose intolerant. Signs of lactose intolerance are acute intestinal distress such as gas, diarrhea. In case your pet is exhibiting these symptoms after consuming dairy products, we strongly advised you to seek medical attention and going forward avoid all dairy products including Everest Dog Chews.

  • Will the treat damage my doggos teeth?

    Since the chew is a form of hard cheese, please consider your doggos’ oral health before making a purchase. However, the treats do get softer once the hard outer shell has been chewed on for a little while.

  • Are Everest Dog Chew suitable for all dog ages?

    We recommend you start giving our chews when doggos reach 6 months of age. It may cause indigestion for smaller puppies.

  • Are Everest Dog Chews Softer than other brands?

    We have less fat & are less smoked compared to other brands which make the chews more easily digestible. Let’s not forget the chew gets into the doggos stomach so we don’t want it to be too hard and rough 🙂

    That being said, we definitely think we lie on the longer-lasting spectrum (EU-made chews are softer in comparison and are machine-made) as well as being healthy!

30 reviews for Everest Dog Chew® – Yak Chew for Small Dogs (3 Pieces) – 100gm

  1. tracie (verified owner)

    Our dog is highly allergic to most things so finding a chew that works for him and lasts longer than 2 mins is a struggle, but we might have finally found it !
    Not only does he love this, his allergies haven’t flared up and 3 days and the chew is still going…this has NEVER happened, this is a dog who destroys indestructible toys in under 5 mins.
    He is an older dog now so his teeth aren’t what they was and he seems to cope fine with them. I was worried as natural style chews before have given him an upset stomach but this hasn’t.
    So far this seems to have solved the 10 year hunt for the perfect chew for him. It’s his birthday this week so I plan on getting him some more 🙂

  2. Richard W

    Our little dog (miniature schnauzer) loves this product. It is very hard, just like a bone, and so it does not break down easily. For this reason, what we usually do is to put the stick into the microwave on full power for about 30 – 40 seconds. This makes at least part of the stick swell up and become less dense, which our dog can then actually chew off and eat. Left-over pieces are best allowed to air dry after use for the next time rather than putting them straight back into a sealed container.

  3. Emily

    I bought this for my Shih Tzu to keep her busy when I’m out the house. She picks it up every once in a while just to hold in her mouth but she never eats it. I believe she is not a fan of the taste.
    I gave the remaining 2 treats to a friends dog and they love it.
    I was disappointed because I love the idea of healthy treats like this for my dog.
    Beware of your dog is fussy. Be sure to have a back up dog to give it to!

  4. SouthEastE

    My dog cannot eat a lot of foods as she has a sensitive stomach but she is fine with these. They provide hours of relaxing chewing. A great treat to occupy a dog when visitors come or during a rainy day.

  5. Marble

    I wanted to update my review as I have had three packs of chews since the mouldy ones. I think it must have been a temporary glitch. My toy poodle loves these. I get the small ones and she chews on them for ages so they work well at keeping her occupied. When she’s had enough I take them away and give them again on another occasion. When they get too small, I do have to microwave them for about a minute and a half or two minutes in order to get them to puff up though but then she loves them all over again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  6. Revvview

    With a puppy that can destroy nylar bones within twenty minutes, I didn’t hold out much hope for these lasting that long. But so far he’s been gnawing at it for three hours and he’s hardly made a mark on it. That’s fantastic! If you need a way to occupy your puppy then I’d recommend these – they are cheap, durable and they don’t smell of much.

  7. EL_Lloyd (verified owner)

    I was really sceptical about paying so much for a dog chew. But these are amazing! I have 3 4 month old puppies and 2 older dogs (all toy breeds) and have never dared to give them actual bones just in case they splintered. But I thought I would try these just to stop the puppies chewing everything in sight. It helps that my dogs are all cheese lovers!
    They absolutely love these.
    They keep them chewing and occupied for hours. And, rather than splinter, they just crumble. I can’t smell them either.
    They last ages too.
    I have 5 very happy dogs and these are well worth the money. Probably the best thing I have ever brought for them in treats.

  8. Shay

    These are great little chews. My dog started chewing it right away. It is very hard so good for average chewers

  9. venetia suchdev

    Personally I haven’t tried it! My puppy loves this though.

  10. Monica

    Well, I haven’t tasted them but my three Schnauzers love them!

  11. James Soubry

    Dogs love it. Takes a while to chew through

  12. Essie (verified owner)

    My husky was very pleased with this. He is a cheese fiend. He disappeared into a quiet spot and proceeded to chomp the lot. In one go. Now I am at fault for not closely supervising him, but I could hear his happy crunching noises, so was confident he wasn’t choking or doing anything daft. The description says ‘lasts for days even weeks’ so I was not expecting puppers to demolish it in less than half an hour. He must have had hell of a jaw ache after.

    I have knocked a star off due to it being £8 – an expensive less than half hour snack but Jasper would give it a full 5 stars.

  13. Dee Quennell

    The only downside of these chews is that they don’t last long enough lol
    My dog loves them and when I microwaved the end of his chew it grew again and he refused to leave it, or share with the cats which he usually does, there’s no smell, no staining just a happy dog surrounded by crumbs

  14. Dickey bird

    Can’t comment on flavour as they’re dog chews! They last for ages and our miniature schnauzers love them. I get the small ones which are a decent size and all natural

  15. wendy11

    Brilliant to distract teething puppy. She loves it and it’s healthy. Also toasting the tiny leftover in microwave is fab.

  16. D Gough

    Our Miniature schnauzer now 15 weeks old loves this. So far she’s been on the first 1 nearly 2 weeks and hardly made a dent, something which would be nice to know from other reviews and is often missed is the breed and age of dog because obviously some dogs chew through anything very quickly and from a young age…with our Lotti she manages to shave off tiny pieces and enjoys the challenge – would recommend over antler for pup miniature schnauzer

  17. Ben Hamilton

    Dog loves this but lost it after a day ( not products fault I guess!

  18. Ms J M Proffitt

    Good chews

  19. prpr

    Puppy LOVES this – great distraction!

  20. Ju22

    Our springer puppy loves these chews. They’re lasting well, he hasn’t yet demolished one, despite him currently teething. They keep him occupied for ages and are just the right size for him at the moment. We’ll buy more for him as he grows/destroys them. Very happy humans and pup.

  21. mrs angela Clark

    the dogs love them, only drawback is they make such a mess lol, crumbs everywhere, but i dont personally mind, its comes with the territory of having dogs.
    A huge hit!

  22. Chen

    I have brought these several times and have not been disappointed. There is no smell or stinkiness to them unlike other dog treats and chews on the market which is the main reason I buy them.

    My 5kg small breed has never had any problems with these yak chews and usually lasts up to 5 sessions 30mins each time under supervision. I would recommend to soak the last 5cm in warm water, then take it out the water to microwave for 30 seconds, cool down fully and give it puffed up to your puppy, he absolutely loves it.

    Have the vacuum ready as the puffed chew can get really messy.

  23. Bunny

    Our dog enjoys chewing these they last for such a long time.

  24. 259gcp

    No odourous smell or mess keeps the dogs quiet and does go off in between. Only kind of chew that lasts with my dogs

  25. Bubbles09

    My dog loves them

  26. RJ

    Good value and my dogs love them. Last longer too. Better than yakers. Bought a box of yakers supposedly 40 pcs in a box but received only 35pcs. This Everest 3pcs in a pack works out cheaper and you can see what is inside.

  27. victoria

    My puppy loves this I can’t comment on the flavour cos I haven’t tasted it but my pup approves it doesn’t go slimmy it doesn’t smell and I think it’s going to last a very long time me and pup highly recommend

  28. johnch3vs16

    All 5 of our dogs love these. We changed over from the hard antlers as they are too hard, can crack dogs teeth and can be dangerous. These are much better.

  29. hayherbalist

    My Norfolk Terrior really liked these chews and the last several days. Also they do not upset his tummy like hide chews. I only gave 4 stars for flavour because I did not taste them! I will buy them regularly.

  30. Terri

    Long lasting chew, I wouldn’t say my dogs favourite flavour but great for a 6 month old teething boston terrier:)

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