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stars I shall be living off Beans on Toast for the rest of the week.

Bought the large size as an indulgent birthday present for my GSD. He loves anything creamy, or milky and I thought he’d be interested in this as it’s made from Yak’s and Cow’s milk – it actually reminded me of a piece of hard, whey cheese, like a Mysost, only much firmer and denser.
Compressed into a bar, this chew weighed just under 100g and measured 1″ x 1″ x 5″ long.
Comes in an airtight bag with a dessicant sachet, this has a date of manufacture printed on the outer. The Best Before is three years from date of manufacture. The chew is odourless – maybe just a very slightly sweetish fragrance. It’s a good product, nicely presented without any fanfare.

My dog loved this.
He’s raw fed, so very experienced in chewing through meaty bones and carcases and I was curious to see how long this would last.
Well, he really enjoyed it. Every morsel. He had a wonderful chew and really got into it. It lasted 45 minutes, start to finish.
Afterwards, he headed off to his water pail, had a good drink and then came over and gave me that slow wag of his tail and smiling, like he does when he says his doggy equivalent of “Thank You.”
Then he went and crashed out by the sofa.

Eating the whole chew didn’t cause any digestive upset and there wasn’t a mark on the carpet or a crumb left uneaten.
Money well spent, but I can’t afford to buy him these very often, though I did notice that these are also sold in packs of five at a slightly better unit cost.
Old hyena jaws isn’t interested in chew toys, kongs or nylabones – it has to be a food item to engage him, and this is the first food ‘chew’ that he hasn’t demolished in under two minutes. So I’ll definitely repurchase, but for “Special Occasions” like Fireworks night (to keep him occupied), Christmas and the like.
That dog eats better than I do.

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