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Everest Dog Chew® – Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Large Dogs – 100gm

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Large Dogs Yak Chew! Yak Milk Dog Chews – Large Pack! For doggos under 30kgs!
  • Large Breeds

    Recommended Breeds: Labrador, German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Tibetan mastiff.

  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
    100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
  • Gluten and Grain Free
    Gluten and Grain Free
  • Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
    Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting

1 Piece in total! (100-110 grams)
  • Delivery

    We aim to deliver your order to you within 3-5 business days.
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Large Dogs Yak Chew! Yak Milk Dog Chews – Large Pack! For doggos under 30kgs!
  • Large Breeds

    Recommended Breeds: Labrador, German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Tibetan mastiff.

  • 100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
    100% Natural Dog-Treat. High in calcium & protein
  • Gluten and Grain Free
    Gluten and Grain Free
  • Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
    Healthy Teeth, fights plaque
  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting

1 Piece in total! (100-110 grams)
  • Delivery

    We aim to deliver your order to you within 3-5 business days.
    Please check our shipping and returns policies here.

Everest Dog Chew® - Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Large Dogs - 100gmEverest Dog Chew® - Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Large Dogs - 100gm

And they love Everest Dog Chews…


Why Everest Dog Chews?

Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein
min 52.6%

Crude fat
min 0.9%

max 10.2%

max 6.0%

Local Ingredients

Local Ingredients

Handmade by the Himalayan farmers, our products are only made by using traditional methods and ingredients.

Yak and cow milk.
Salt and Lime.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We take it upon ourselves to educate the local farmers and upgrade the manufacturing process, prioritizing hygiene, sanitation, and quality.

Supporting Local Farmers

Supporting Local Farmers

By supporting local farmers, we ensure that it is making a difference in their lives.

Puff 3
Everest Dog Chew® - Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Large Dogs - 100gm

What to do with the end pieces?

The end bit can be placed in the microwave for 35-45 seconds until it puffs. Give it a chance to cool for at least 3 minutes before you give what is now a puff back to your dog. Chew, puff, and repeat!


  • Are all yak chews the same?

    Definitely not. There are some very low-quality yak chews present in the market that could be harmful to your dog’s health. We always tell our buyers to buy from us and check our quality vs our competitors.

    Moreover, there are EU-made chews that are commercially mass-produced in EU milk factories These are not yak chews since they are made in the EU (there are no yaks in Europe) and also do not support the Himalayan farmers.

  • How is the product made?

    Everest Dog Chew contains a mixture of yak and cow milk. Once the mixture is boiled, the prevalent fat is separated by adding lime juice. The excess fat is then discarded. After a few hours of boiling the milk, it starts to thicken and forms a white cheese. Stirring the boiling milk gently and continuously is key to making this cheese. The cheese is poured into a clean cloth to drain out the excess water. Once the block of cheese is ready, it is cut into small pieces and dried. When the product is ready, it can be stored for a number of years. No preservative or artificial flavors are added to the whole process of making the product.

  • What are the ingredient on this product?

    Our chews are made with a mixture of yak and cow milk and lime juice. However, since it is hard to source yaks’ milk in mass, they contain mostly Himalayan cow milk.

  • What size do I give to my doggo?

    Depending on the size and eating habits of the doggo, we recommend the following option: Small Dog Treat: For doggos up to 7kgs, Medium Dog Treat: For doggos up to 15kgs, Large Dogs Treat: For doggos up to 30 kgs and Big Dog Treat for doggos upto 45 kgs & above.

  • How long do the treats last?

    The amount of time is takes for a dog to devour the treat depends on several factors such as the size of the pet and chewing habits. The hard texture of the cheese makes it a long lasting dog treat, keeping your pet occupied for hours, even days!

  • How long can I store Everest Dog Chew?

    The shelf life of the chew is usually three years for any unopened Everest Dog Chew, in its original packaging, stored at room temperature. If you would like to save any open unfinished pieces for later consumption, please pat dry and store them away from moisture. After prolonged contact with moisture, if you notice any changes in the color such as patches of grey or green, it might be a result of mold. Please discard the treat immediately and start a fresh pack.

  • Are doggos lactose intolerance?

    Even though dairy products are generally safe for most doggos, some may be lactose intolerant. Signs of lactose intolerance are acute intestinal distress such as gas, diarrhea. In case your pet is exhibiting these symptoms after consuming dairy products, we strongly advised you to seek medical attention and going forward avoid all dairy products including Everest Dog Chews.

  • Will the treat damage my doggos teeth?

    Since the chew is a form of hard cheese, please consider your doggos’ oral health before making a purchase. However, the treats do get softer once the hard outer shell has been chewed on for a little while.

  • Are Everest Dog Chew suitable for all dog ages?

    We recommend you start giving our chews when doggos reach 6 months of age. It may cause indigestion for smaller puppies.

  • Are Everest Dog Chews Softer than other brands?

    We have less fat & are less smoked compared to other brands which make the chews more easily digestible. Let’s not forget the chew gets into the doggos stomach so we don’t want it to be too hard and rough 🙂

    That being said, we definitely think we lie on the longer-lasting spectrum (EU-made chews are softer in comparison and are machine-made) as well as being healthy!

30 reviews for Everest Dog Chew® – Yak Chew (Yak Milk Dog Chew) for Large Dogs – 100gm

  1. Estelle Beattie

    I had workmen in the house so needed to distract my 8 months old Irish setter pup – occupied her for a whole day! No upset tummy, no hyperactivity (well no more than normal!). My springer chewed his for a bit then got fed up as he does. Would recommend, didn’t splinter, not too hard

  2. Reboobz

    Great item fab price cocker s loves these he’s 6 months and one lasts 1 month ( it’s in my living room so when he’s here he chews that not my shoes etc!) he’s a big puppy he loves it my frenchie can (although she’s smaller) get through them faster! But there’s no nasty chemicals or crap ingredients in these so great all round! Seriously good product at a good price

  3. Edina

    My dog loves it, obsessed with it and it keeps her busy for hours. Only microwaved for a minute as first she got upset of not being able to chew on it. I had to wait around 15 minutes to cool down, but it softwned a surface just enough for the dog to be able to sratch tiny flakes off it. It is durable and smells like a smoked cheese

  4. Manna

    My German Shepherd dog loved this chew. In fact, she loved it so much it did not last an hour, so very expensive for a short lived chew. When it got small I took the advice of other reviewers and put it in the microwave. This worked well and did not leave any smell in the microwave. I would buy again if less expensive/ lasted longer.

  5. Mrs S

    My dog is a large cross staffie with good strong teeth – he love a chewy bone so I thought this will keep him busy …. he demolished it within an hour! I put that last bit in the microwave and it turned it into a crunchy treat … he polished it off! Shame it didn’t last that long! Next morning my dog had the runs which looked like whipped Yak – once now and again as treat is ok

  6. staffiemummy

    bought large size for my small dogs they will last them ages. pets at home shop want 10 pounds for same product. No scent so dont stink the house out. Will buy again.


    My dogs love these. I have 3 very small (under 8lbs) MalShi’s and the size is fine for them all. They love sitting with these for hours chewing away… Bigger dogs may be able to chew large chunks off if they’re big in size and big chewers! So I’d watch for that. Have used these for a long time and will use again when they run out.

  8. Sunny

    Since I am not the one eating this I can’t comment on the flavour. However, my dog doesn’t seem to taken with this, perhaps it is not to his personal taste. On an up not, it does last a long time since he rarely chews it.

  9. michelle wilson

    My English setter loved it. It lasted about a week which was good. No smell to it but once prompted she chewed away at it.

  10. Rebecca Bryant

    My dog does enjoy these . But only if I heat them up slowly in my microwave first. By doing this the chew expands nicely and allows my dog to be able to crunch and chew on them very easily. Without doing that though she would never be able to eat and enjoy them.

  11. alaine g

    My dog loves these and its gone in a day or 2 half the price of pets at home who charge £6 for a very small yak bar . I have ordered at least 4 of these with 2 on the way .
    A great healthy treat and good for teeth and gums

  12. bar

    Lasted nearly whole day which is good for my gsd. He loved it.

  13. BubsPuds

    I like these dog chews for two reasons…no rancid scent and it is all natural, no rubbish or bleached animal hide. The product is like a really compact yoghurt / cheese bar for dogs. No scent and doesn’t splinter, just bits come off the more your dog chews n makes it warmer.
    When it gets a bit small and like a choking hazard, simply put chew in microwave for 1 min and it turns into a fluffy puff ball for you dog to crush up.
    This is a Large one which is ideal for Medium breeds, our Springer loved it, but for Large breeds go XL.
    Well recommended if you want a chew that’s full of all good stuff and lasts for about 4 hours. No stinky breath after, winner winner.

  14. karen Edinburgh

    My Labrador who is not food orientated and can be particular about what he’ll eat was very interested as soon as offered this.
    He spent the next 10 mins playing with it before he settled down to munch and munch and munch. Giving me the looks that said “I like this mum” ears perked and munching on!
    Minor smell as you take it out the packet but only if you take a sniff
    Obviously I didn’t try it but he likes cheese and loved this.
    Definately lasted longer than normal chews–remarkable for destructa-dog although I did get him the large size
    Pricey but he likes it so will add this to his treat list for time to time

    I also bought the medium for his Vizsla pal 30 minutes for him to enjoy and keep him quiet–his mum was very happy with that!!

    The medium one was a bit big for our terrier friend so I had to hacksaw it in half for him–he’s still at it 3 days later and hides in in his bed when not chewing on it. Will last for ages at this rate

  15. Nikki G

    Bought for my GSD and he loved it from the moment it came out of the resealable packaging and wouldn’t put it down.
    I always watch my dogs when they have chews but he dropped it and it broke leaving about a third which could pose a choking risk if the dog was unattended and although it feels very hard he got through it in no time.
    I dont think I would purchase again as although he loved it it did not really give good value for money

  16. Stephen Fairley

    My Bearded Collie loved this product but it lasted no more than 1 hour which is pretty poor value for money at the price. If you have a pampered pooch and money is no object then fill your boots! My dog certainly loved it but I had hoped that it would last longer. However, I can’t really fault the product for being tasty, can I?

  17. Mrs. S. E. Mardle

    Bought for my pups second birthday he normally devours treats and food in seconds he has had this 5 days now he enjoys say 5 minutes licking and chewing at a time still half left and doesn’t mark carpet and rugs or have a strong smell I did think it was expensive but not when it’s still going strong and a £2.00 chew is gone in a minute or 2 would buy again.

  18. Sophie11

    7 month raw fed border collie enjoyed it. The large lasted 7 days of daily use, Zero charges to dogs poo and no flatulence (which is always a worry when introducing new foods) No offensive smell when first opened or even by the end of the week, it has very light smoked cheese and lime scent. Dont be food thinking cheese won’t last…itnis rock solid. On day seven I, as per instructions, soaked in water and nuked for 45 seconds resulting in the stick puffing up so pupp could enjoy the end section with ease. Won’t be a weekly purchase but would deffo buy again as a treat.

  19. Lauren Hirst-McEvoy

    Longevity is FANTASTIC, my German shepherd destroys chew toys, she loves antlers but gets a little bored with them as they’re too hard for her jaws but this seems perfect for her. It took her around a week to eat most of it and she had a good 3/4 hours a day chewing it, she seems to love it.
    When there was a small nugget left I microwaved it and she loved that! Fantastic value for money and doesn’t leave a disgusting scent unlike some other dog chews.

  20. Janinie28

    This is brilliant, was brought because it was recommended for our dachshund. he loves it, was at it for hours and it’s barely gone down any!! L recommend this yak chew for any chewers out there

  21. RL

    The dog was demolishing them in under an hour, but the XL ones of these still had a bit left over 24 hours later. This is the first longer lasting one we’ve come across, either it’s much harder or tastes of arse. Probably the former as the dog considers week old road kill a delicacy.

  22. Lynda H

    I have a large dobe and she is a chewer. She loved this and took to it straight away. However it was gone in 2 sittings. So unfortunately I couldn’t get it regularly for her.
    No noticeable smell and no change to her stomach (she is very diet sensitive).
    Will buy again if I need to keep her occupied if I had guest round etc.

  23. Brooke chown

    Quick delivery, well packaged. Unfortunately my dog just isn’t interested in it at all. However if he was I’d be happy to buy the product again.

  24. DaveB

    In terms of resilience to chewing this stuff is ace, but the flip to that is the dogs got bored of them quickly – a bit like the plastic ones.

  25. su51ark

    My 9 month old lab loves chewing natural treats such as cow tail tips, pigs ears, hooves and deer legs. I bought this for him to try and he really enjoyed it but demolished it completely within about 40 minutes.
    It works out very expensive as I can buy boxes of the other natural treats containing 10 items for a similar price.
    Stuffing a hoof with sweet potato and chicken pieces then freezing it is a cheaper, longer lasting alternative so I think the yak chew will be a rare treat.

  26. Gem

    My dogs all love these. They last a relatively long time with dogs who usually just inhale anything I give them within minutes. There isn’t a strong smell like some other dog chews.

  27. H C

    My 8 month old golden doodle puppy usually destroys bones and toys in no time! I ordered the yak chew after reading others’ comments. The first chew lasted around two weeks and the second just under a week – probably because he wouldn’t leave the second one alone! He really loves them, and the fact that you can microwave the small end piece to make a puff treat means there is no waste!

  28. scarletangel

    Nothing like as big as I expected for a large dog, but he likes it nonetheless. Expensive for the size, difficult to tell from the pictures how big it will be, but I’ve seen bigger ones than this so maybe look around, dogs certainly seem to like them.

  29. Lauren Sutton

    No real scent but dog seemed to enjoy it. Lasted a long time but just watch out for the bits that fall off.

  30. patsy

    Good size – got large for my Cavapoo. The medium yakers didn’t even last her a day. This is better texture.

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