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Dog Harness- Making the right

June 14, 2022
Dog Harness- Making the right<br>purchase

A dog harness is a simple piece of equipment that helps you hold your dog securely
while still allowing him/her to have some control. Dogs are always extremely curious,
sniffing around, as they love exploring. However, this simple equipment ensures your
dog’s security. Affordable, comfortable, of great utility, a dog harness allows freedom of
movement, consisting of a double-ended leash, reflective stitching for use in the dark.
We make reliable dog harnesses manufactured to address your safety concerns.

Dog Harness should be made such that each one fits dogs of all sizes and has two places
to clip the leash, allowing the harness to function as both a conventional and a no-pull
dog harness. We offer the most versatile harnesses in the market, working well for both
dogs that pull on a leash and those that are confident loose-leash walkers. These
products are perfect for big dogs like Labradors and small poodles. Our harnesses are
designed to avoid restrictions on the movement of the legs while your pet is also safely
strapped and great for walking or jogging with dogs.

A good harness must be comfortable and sturdy. It must reduce the stress from around
the neck of your dog by distributing it uniformly around the chest and back. At Everest
Pet Supply, we offer various colours to choose from and use two kinds of materials;
Nylon or Waterproof Strong Oxford Fabric. Our harness vests remove pressure from
your pet’s neck to prevent possible neck, spine, and wind-pipe injuries. A dog harness
eliminates the chances of choking, because most dogs have a habit of pulling while
outside. It proves to be an ideal device to connect a line for safety while walking your

Most pet parents do not realize that even if your dog is not a puller, he/she is prone to
injury while wearing a collar if they make a quick move while outside. Even from a
training perspective, a dog harness is imperative to teach your dog not to pull. Small and
medium breeds do not have the neck strength to handle a collar. Such dogs have a
narrow wind-pipe, and a collar could hinder the dog’s ability to breathe.

One must be careful about finding a harness that fits your dog perfectly. An assorted
range of harnesses are available in the market, but your selecting the product must be
based on a dog’s size and temperament. A loose harness may cause too much friction
and irritation, or the dog may easily slip out of it. The harness must be reliable. A
harness securely holds on to your dog from many sides. It provides the most security to
the neck and the chest. It is therefore advisable to take measurements before making a

After a bit of research and measurements, make up your mind regarding what type of
harness would suit your dog’s temperament. Think of your pet while making this
decision. Some dogs feel more comfortable in a particular type of harness than others.
Choose the right kind of buckles and points of adjustments. You could find both plastic
and metal buckles. Metal harnesses are usually sturdier than plastic, but for easy dogs,
the plastic ones will work just fine.

It is also important that you see the points of adjustments on the harness. More points
of adjustments will provide better room to set the harness as per your dog. You should
choose a harness that compliments your dog’s breed and body shape. A harness may
have different points where a leash can be hooked on to. If your pet is determined to
pull its leash, you should attach it to the point on the chest.

Once you have completed selecting the perfect harness, or at least the one that does the
job, you must ensure that it has been adjusted correctly according to size, shape, and the
behaviour of your dog. If the harness has not been adjusted properly, it could be more
harmful than you can imagine. With so many dog harness styles available today, it may
be difficult to pick the right one. That is why we have certain options that are
universally accepted to provide safety and comfort to your pup. We have selected the
best ones available; that which work well for dogs that pull on leash and for those that

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