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Felted Toys

July 5, 2022
Felted Toys

Felt toys for dogs ensure that your dogs chew on a safe material. Felted dog toys are
remarkably flexible and can be squished and released several times without hampering
their original shape. We sell a variety of felt toys for dogs with a beautiful, soft woollen
texture that makes it perfect for pouncing and biting. These toys will help bring out your
dog’s natural hunting instincts and allow them long-duration chews that will keep them
quiet, distracted and calm. All dogs can benefit from toys, and we manufacture and sell
the right kind.

Dog toys solve many problems. Dogs have chewing needs, and toys can help distract
them from inappropriate chewing yet encouraging them to perform their chewing
activities. Dog toys ensure that your dog gets adequate physical and mental stimulation.
All this without your active involvement. Various studies show that toys resolve mental
issues like anxiety and depression in dogs, and can help your pup relax. 

Needle Felting

The process of felting wool has been perfected over the years, to produce a durable
material. Our products are handmade using the process of needle felting. Needle felting
is done by rolling up a small amount of wool and piercing it with a special needle. This
process gives wool a firm round shape. Once a basic shape has been moulded, more
wool is added to accentuate the shape. This needle-felted figure is environmentally
friendly. Our collection includes beautiful shapes of sturdy animal figures and balls that
pacify and address the hunting instincts of your pet.

Meticulously Manufactured

It takes a lot of meticulous work and many work hours to make one toy. All the toys are
handcrafted. These products are non-synthetic, ecologically safe and biodegradable,
making them entirely harmless for your pets. Many toys made from harmful and
substandard materials are easy to make, but our toys that ensure your dog chew on safe
and natural materials, require a painstaking process that takes a tremendous amount of


Every individual piece that we create and sell is unique. Our toys come in different
shapes and sizes and accommodate small-sized balls to interesting looking figurines.
Due to the various shapes on our array, our dog toys will be thoroughly enjoyed by
spending time with, wiggling, biting and chewing up. These unique toys are easy to
clean after playtime and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Dogs can become a
little bored if they do not have something to do. The benefit of having unique shapes are
sizes is that it ensures that your dog does not lose interest in the toy and keeps them
hooked. The toys are extraordinarily distinct from one another, which means you can let
your pet with his toy, and go about your day to come back and find your dog having the
time of its life.

100% New Zealand wool

This beautiful 100% biodegradable wool felt toy is made out of 100% New Zealand
wool and is perfect for your pets as they are soft and safe. New Zealand Wool is
remarkably easy to clean. Unlike other fibres, dirt only assembles on the surface, and
very little washing or laundry is required. It also dries quickly and is flame-retardant. It
also has natural anti-allergenic properties and is resistant to water and moisture. It is
resistant to rot, mould, and mildew.

Felt toys for dogs offer a great distraction to your bored pets. They provide good
resilience when your dog bites and chews on the toy. We make toys intended, designed,
and developed to grab your dog’s attention and keep them engaged.

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