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Dog Sweaters 100% wool

June 21, 2022
The Need for Dog Sweaters

We design and manufacture 100% woollen dog sweaters that protect your pets sufficiently. If you have been looking for a stylish, comfortable, well-knit sweater to keep your pet warm and cosy, you have come to the right place. Handmade from start to finish, by traditional artisans in the small town of Kirtipur, Nepal, these classic 100% wool knit sweaters are available in a fabulous range of colours. Woollen dog sweaters will keep your pooch stylish and warm on cold days. We always use Chemical free Swiss dyes, 100% Mongolian Wool and absolutely no acrylic or synthetic materials to ensure that our sweaters are soft and non-itchy. Since we weave with a solid 10ply thickness, our apparels help keep dogs warm, comfortable, and away from the cold.

Handmade in Kirtipur, Nepal

Kirtipur is a small town located south of Kathmandu valley inhabited by artisans whose knitting skills have been passed on from one generation to another. Our Dog Sweaters are 100% wool, knitted and woven by traditional artisans and self-help groups. We employ these skilled artisans to generate employment among poor, rural communities. To create products out of wool requires meticulous work, but we employ the finest artisans, who with every stitch, have honed their skills to perfection.


Conventional clothing today gets its hue from synthetic dyes, that are often made using petroleum or coal. Besides being extremely detrimental to the environment, some of these are suspected carcinogens. We utilise innovative and eco-friendly practices by using Chemical free Swiss dyes such as Sandoz and Ciba. Our natural dye process is a part of our initiative to become environmentally conscious while also manufacturing a safe product for your pets.

Mongolian Wool 100%

Mongolian wool is not a naturally heavy fabric, yet it is strong and durable. It is more resistant to tears than other fabrics and has a longer lifespan. Since it is a lightweight fabric, it is suitable for casual wear that maintains a good comfort level. The wool that we use does not contain any acrylic or synthetic material. Our products are non-itchy and are completely eco-friendly. Our wool sweaters are great for sensitive skin, and since they are meticulously knit and made available in a fabulous range of colours, our products will keep your dogs attractive, warm, and comfortable on cold days.

Meticulously crafted

Consider this: it takes hours if not days, to produce one sweater. Several styles, sizes, colors and patterns that present unlimited outfit options take a remarkable effort than one could fathom. Handmade knits carry the sweet sentiment of knitting needles and a passion for crafting warm answers to all your outfit anguish. Knitting is not the work of the impatient. After hours and days spent meticulously stitching yarn into a wearable work of art, something beautiful like our sweaters are ready.


Our hand-knit wool dog sweaters, made in 8 sizes, are carefully manufactured to fit every dog. We offer eight variations to deliver you the perfect style for your pooch. Coming up with various knitting styles requires a certain level of craftsmanship and patience. Since knitting requires a considerable amount of work and time, each item feels particularly precious and luxurious. Our products complement all dog breeds.

Breathable fabric

Our wool sweaters provide breathable performance and unparalleled moisture management. Although wool absorbs a good amount of water and moisture, it dries faster. Instead of trapping moisture, wool moves it through the fabric. Therefore, when you wear wool as a base layer, moisture doesn’t get trapped next to your skin, and you remain drier. Good wool is crucial for keeping warm in cold weather, but it also keeps you cool by facilitating evaporation, which cools the surface of your skin.

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